Website Prerequisites

Congratulations on joining the journey towards your new website.

To ensure we can deliver your website on time, please review the following prerequisites.

We’ll be happy to answer any question you may have.


What is it for?Link…and thenWhat do we need?Cost
HostingSiteGroundChoose their WordPress plan. StartUp for 1 website or GrowBig for more.Share Credentials*Starting at ~ $4/month for the first year
NewsletterMailChimpRegister only, no need to set up anything!Share Credentials*Free up to 1,000 users
Domain (Pointing)NameCheapRegister a domain only, no other service.Share Credentials*About $10/year/domain
Facebook PageFacebookA company pageThe address of your pageFree
InstagramInstagramThe address of your pageFree
YouTubeYouTubeA new channel (not private)Make us Managers (how?)Free
Privacy PolicyGeneratorText**Free
Terms of UseGeneratorText**Free


* Credentials means your login user ID and your password, so we can act on your behalf. We will notify you upon completion so you can change the password and keep it secure.


** We always encourage our clients to avoid using a generator for their legal verbiage, instead, consult a legal advisor or a lawyer, to address all of your organization’s needs.

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