When creating a new website, way before you design your company logo or worrying about your website design, you want to think about marketing.

How will your website visitors find your pages?

With Google capturing all websites searches for the past two decades, your best development plan shouldn’t be based on your own keywords, but on content searched by your targeted audience.

make use of any of the best tools out there, when approaching web development, because content is the king. It will determine whether your ecommerce website, wordpress CMS or any other web site will be found.

Creative starts with written content, way before your graphic design. Find an affordable creator or developer to recommend of a template that is SEO ready, when you create your ecommerce (shopping cart ) web design, photography website, etc.

When done working on all aspects of your website, such as your logo and the overall design, you should heavily consider taking care of maintenance, to keep your website protected and updated. That is something any designer or builder should be able to recommend of.

Remember – your website is where your customers find you and based on your content they may choose to work/shop with you or not.

Happy building.

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