Target Audience

Reach out to your customers with a clear message that looks sharp and sells.


Your recent newsletter emails allow them to find you before they’ll go for your competition.

Increase Sales

If your customers learn that you offer discounts and promotions they will read your newsletters.

SEO & Conversions

Newsletters carry content and drive traffic, hence SEO and conversions. They also serve as Landing Pages.

How Does it work?

The process is quite simple:

We Set up email automation, Create content or use yours, Design it nicely, Set A/B testing, Time it, and Follow up with Reports.

Proven Successful Newsletters

The best subjects we found to work for all types of customers are:

Specials & Discounts, Tips & Tricks, Winning Case Studies, News & Updates, Testimonials.

Specials & Discounts

Customers are more likely to buy your products and services when they are exposed to incentives. It is proven that when you post discounts, bundles, upsell or any other specials, you convert better.

Offer your customers all of the above on a reoccuring schedule, to regulate their newsletter consumption habbits and to get them to revisit your website.

Tips, Tricks & Real Life Samples

This is one way to educate your customers about your products and services. Not only they will know how to use them, but also get inspired and motivated to purchase for the reasons you give them.

For example – when one of our customers selling 3D Crystal Gifts showed his customers the images inside the crystals can be uploaded from their phones and they make a great gift for mother’s day, even kids could shop (with the help of daddy) in his website.

Winning Case Studies

Show your customers how others worked with you, or enjoyed your products. Many social studies teach us we’re like a herd. Oh, yeah! We follow others because we want to get to where they are.

When creating your Newsletter, we use a large number of techniques that are known to make your customers buy.


Newsletters from $89 a month

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